I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay Trailer

I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay Trailer

I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay Trailer

Welcome to the curious, surprising and always outspoken world of straight men who go #Gay4Pay VIMEO:
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Welcome to the curious, surprising and always outspoken world of straight men who go Gay4Pay. Curiously there is a disproportionate percentage of men working in gay porn who identify as straight. Why would a straight man do gay porn?
What motivates him to try this or make a career of it?
Why is there such keen interest and debate into the sexuality and personal lives of these men?

And what does it say about us, the viewer that so much of gay porn is dominated by images of straight men?

Are there shades of internalized homophobia emerging? Why might we be turned off if the man on screen looks, sounds, or behaves in a way that is identifiably queer?

To try answer some of these questions we interviewed men from some of the most popular and prolific studios which fetishize straight men. We spoke with gay stars about their experiences working with straight guys. And we hit the streets to test the curiosity, and opinions of the public.

– A gay-for-pay porn actor is somebody who identifies as heterosexual, but in exchange for cash, is willing to engage in sexual intercourse with men on film.

– I guess I would classify myself as being straight, but enjoying gay sex.

– [Voiceover] If a man has sex with another man, can he still say he’s straight?

– Oh.

– [Both] No.

– Yes.

– The reason why I would label myself straight is because outside of this business, I don’t have sex with men.

– I’ve never had sex with a guy off camera, because I just don’t find masculinity attractive.

– Hey, you got like a 10 inch cock up your ass, it’s gonna fucking hurt. It doesn’t feel too pleasant, especially if you don’t like it.

– I think I may have done something like that and I don’t think it makes me gay.

– The whole gay-for-pay taboo thing, it boggles my mind that it’s now just becoming like everyone’s talking about it. They don’t see that it’s money motivated or it’s performance motivated, or they’ll flip a switch and they’ll turn into a character.

– I wouldn’t say my number one motivator to do this is money. I would say that it’s what the money does for me.

– To say these guys are straight and they’re doing gay sex on film for cash is ridiculous. There’s no amount of money that you could give a truly, 100% heterosexual male to have sex with another man, certainly on camera where anyone would be able to find it.

– Is this going on TV? Because I don’t want my mom to see it. ♫ Starlover you’re just another ♫ On your rock that is my money and fame ♫