When Wives Rethink Porn

When Wives Rethink Porn

When Wives Rethink Porn

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The conversation around pornography is often (sadly) one-sided.

The husband is typically the one trying to stop watching porn, and all the focus is on him:

Why does he watch it?

What support does he need?

When will he screw up again?

Rarely do we give proper attention to the needs, experiences, and perspectives of the wife/partner.

Today, in proper Rethinking Porn Addiction fashion, we’re going to have a wives episode!

Kristin (Jake’s wife), Cami (Hans’ wife), and Angilyn (Nate’s wife) will be sitting down with Doug to talk about the ways “rethinking” porn addiction has impacted their lives.

How have their beliefs and perspectives shifted over time?

What has been helpful, and what hasn’t?

What has helped them create strong marriages despite being married to imperfect men who have occasionally consumed sexual imagery?

We hope you tune in, and that you share this with anyone who has a partner struggling with porn.

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